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Indoor Baseball Infield

Clemente's The Stadium is Rockland's and North Jersey's only indoor 60/90 turf infield. The turf field is perfect for taking hitting and fielding practices all year long, especially during the winter months.

The Stadium is Clemente's indoor baseball infield, which is a 95 foot by 95 foot​ diamond, the perfect size to hold an infield. The inner blue base path is the base path for a 50/70 field, or a field where the pitcher's mound is 50 feet from home plate, and the length between each base is 70 feet. This is used for ballplayers under 13 years old. The outer blue path is the size of a 60/90 field, used for players older than 13. This area is used for all individual lessons, as well as being used for team practices, clinics, and other purposes.

Clemente's The Stadium is available for private & group sessions. Reserve your time slots today as time is limited.

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Winter Time slots are limited and fill up quickly, so don't hesitate to reserve Rockland's only indoor baseball turf field. Call 845-323-4951 or 1-800-217-5205 to make your reservation.

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