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Joe Clemente

Baseball Hitting Instructor

Joe Clemente is in his 18th year of his coaching and training career. He has helped hundreds of players fulfill their dream of playing College baseball and has helped many make it to the major leagues. 15 years of baseball…

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Victor Santos

Baseball Pitching Instructor

Our pitching programs are designed by Victor Santos based on his experience acquired in the 17 years he played professional baseball; 8 of those in the Major Leagues (MLB). Over 15 years of Professional Baseball experience Played 8 Years in…

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Pedro Santana

Director of Fielding Development

Was once considered the 11th top prospect in all of MLB. Came through the Detroit Tigers farm system, but was derailed by injuries. Transitioned to a MLB Scout for the Cleveland Indians and has now joined our staff as our…

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Jamie Keefe

Baseball Fielding Instructor

Keefe will enter his fifth season as Manager of the Rockland Boulders, leading the team to consecutive pennants in 2014 and 2015. In each of his three prior seasons, the Boulders have seen in increase in wins, two playoff appearances,…

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Bring in your team or come as an individual. Our baseball instructors are ready to evaluate and provide a custom program that can help your athletes for Pre-Season Preparation, In-Season Maintenance, and Post Season Recovery. Call 845-323-4951 to make your reservation.

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