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Our Baseball Infield Fielding Lessons

Improve your defensive game! Work on the basic fundamentals of playing infield with repetitive work. All work on our full sized indoor infield!!

Hand Eye Coordination

Hand eye coordination comes into play with every sport. We help our athletes with fielding and picking drills designed to help develop the athletes positioning and garner trust in their hands.

Quick Hands

We run many fielding drills designed to keep hand movements smooth, soft and agile.

Fielding Through the Baseball

Our focus is on keeping our infielders feet moving through the fielding process by properly circling the ball, fielding through the baseball and positioning ourselves to keep momentum moving towards our throw.


In Baseball footwork is often the difference between an extra run and a quick out. Our workouts revolve around several footwork drills proven to get results in baseball.

Positioning of Throw

With every great stop we still need to complete the play with a great throw. We teach proper techniques to help fielder instinctively make the right throw for each scenario.

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  • Lesson packages are available in 1, 5, 10, or 15 lessons
  • All lessons are 1/2 hour in length
  • Players can use multiple lessons from their package on the same day if desired
  • Flexible scheduling available
  • Siblings can share the same lesson package
  • Lessons do not expire
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