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Our Baseball Batting Approach

Our approach is to teach the right techniques and establish the proper foundation of batting mechanics for each individual batter. There is no cookie cutter approach. We work closely with each batter with the goal of getting them into the proper hitting stance through the hitting zone.

Hitting Lessons

Our goal is to provide the players the proper tools in all aspects of hitting so they can have the best opportunity for success. Batting lessons will include the following concepts:

  • Loading
  • Stepping
  • Launching the Hips
  • Launching the Hands
  • Extension
  • Finishing the Swing
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  • Lesson packages are available in 1, 5, 10, or 15 lessons
  • All lessons are 1/2 hour in length
  • Players can use multiple lessons from their package on the same day if desired
  • Flexible scheduling available
  • Siblings can share the same lesson package
  • Lessons do not expire
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