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Baseball Lessons


Baseball Batting Lessons

Our approach is to teach the right techniques and establish the proper foundation of batting mechanics for each individual batter. There is no cookie cutter approach. We work closely with each batter with the goal of getting them into the…

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Baseball Catching Lessons

Our catching lessons are a unique opportunity for athletes to harness their talents and improve their skills in the art of catching. The goal of this program is to meet every player at their current skill level and provide hands-on…

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Baseball Infield Fielding Lessons

Improve your defensive game! Work on the basic fundamentals of playing infield with repetitive work. All work on our full sized indoor infield!!

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Baseball Pitching Lessons

With a few throwing lessons you will immediately accelerate your son's overall pitching performance faster than you ever thought possible. Here are some of the things we teach in our pitching program.

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Clemente's offers private batting, catching, pitching and fielding lessons from Rockland's most experienced and acclaimed Baseball and Softball instructors. Call 845-323-4951 to make your reservation.

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