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Our Facility

Clemente's Baseball/Softball Academy is a fully equipped 20,000sqft., two Level Baseball & Softball training facility located in Chestnut Ridge, NY right on the Border of Bergen County, NJ. We have something for all ages and all skill levels.

The Stadium

An indoor 60/90 turf field which is perfect taking hitting and fielding practice all year long. The Stadium is available for private & group sessions.

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Hitting & Pitching Lanes

Our upstairs space features six hitting or pitching tunnels, as well as a pitching machine for all your training needs.

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Clemente's also offers private & group lessons as well as cage & field rentals.
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Baseball Programs

Our pitching, hitting and fielding baseball programs are designed to help athletes improve their games through a combination of strength training and skill work.

Catching Academy

Program Starts January 8, 2019

The CBSA Catching Academy is a unique opportunity for athletes to harness their talents and improve their skills in the art of catching. The goal of this program is to meet every player at their current skill level and provide…

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HitTrax Leagues

Tournaments Start February 2nd

Session 1 starts Saturday, February 2nd to March 3rd 2019. Session 2 starts Saturday, March 9th to April 6th 2019. We have limited availability so reserve your spot today! Registration Deadline is January 30th.

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Victor’s Power Program

Program Begins October 31st

This is a complete program designated to help athletes of all ages. It will increase speed, power, flexibility, bat speed and most important arm strength. It will add MPH (miles per hour) to the Pitcher’s fast ball. It will increase…

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Baseball Lessons

Our baseball lessons are designed to develop greater athletic ability in speed, dynamic stability, power and strength as well as establishing the physical and mental fundamentals of the game.


Batting Lessons

Our approach is to teach the right techniques and establish the proper foundation of batting mechanics for each individual batter. There is no cookie cutter approach. We work closely with each batter with the goal of getting them into the…

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Catching Lessons

Our catching lessons are a unique opportunity for athletes to harness their talents and improve their skills in the art of catching. The goal of this program is to meet every player at their current skill level and provide hands-on…

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Infield Fielding Lessons

Improve your defensive game! Work on the basic fundamentals of playing infield with repetitive work. All work on our full sized indoor infield!!

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Pitching Lessons

With a few throwing lessons you will immediately accelerate your son's overall pitching performance faster than you ever thought possible. Here are some of the things we teach in our pitching program.

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Clemente's offers private batting, catching, pitching and fielding lessons from Rockland's most experienced and acclaimed Baseball and Softball instructors. Call 845-323-4951 to make your reservation.


Our Instructors

Clemente's staff features Rockland's & North Jersey's most experienced and acclaimed Baseball and Softball instructors, with over 100 years of College, Professional and Major League Baseball experience, we help to develop each player's skills, to prepare every player to compete to his or her fullest potential.

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Joe Clemente

Baseball Hitting Instructor

Joe Clemente is in his 18th year of his coaching and training career. He has helped hundreds of players fulfill their dream of playing College baseball and has helped many make it to the major leagues. 15 years of baseball…

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Victor Santos

Baseball Pitching Instructor

Our pitching programs are designed by Victor Santos based on his experience acquired in the 17 years he played professional baseball; 8 of those in the Major Leagues (MLB). Over 15 years of Professional Baseball experience Played 8 Years in…

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Jamie Keefe

Baseball Fielding Instructor

Keefe will enter his fifth season as Manager of the Rockland Boulders, leading the team to consecutive pennants in 2014 and 2015. In each of his three prior seasons, the Boulders have seen in increase in wins, two playoff appearances,…

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Bring in your team or come as an individual. Our staff is ready to evaluate and provide a custom program that can help your athletes for Pre-Season Preparation, In-Season Maintenance, and Post Season Recovery. Call 845-323-4951 to make your reservation.